True Partner
It’s often said that numbers don’t lie.

In 2015, North American Title Insurance Company (NATIC) substantially increased its agent premiums by more than 50%, while the industry average was a 14.6% gain. These results may surprise some, but for NATIC, we consider our stellar growth numbers the product of a simple plan, done right.
NATIC knows what it takes to own and operate a title business in today’s economic environment. As a true business partner, we provide our agents with:
  •  An unparalleled one-hour underwriter response time guarantee
  •  Access to our AgentLink web portal, replete with resources, business tools and technologies our agents need to become successful
  •  A team of seasoned veterans who will work with you to help increase your business and convert your prospects and clients into real bottom-line profitability
  •  Personalized service and transparency between your business and our experienced team of professionals
  •  All the resources of one of the best risk-managed title insurers in the nation
While legacy underwriters across the country jockey for the same old market share, we have a different strategy: grow our agents. If you are ready for an underwriter relationship that propels you to the top, contact North American Title Insurance Company today.
NATIC:  Simple, done right.


Contact us today to find out how you can become a NATIC agent!

Independent Agency Division
10150 Mallard Creek Road | Suite 505
Charlotte, NC 28262
Toll Free: 866.596.2842
“Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you’re climbing it.”  – Andy Rooney, American radio/TV writer and personality
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