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Submit a Claim

Despite careful title review and underwriting, claims may arise on NATIC policies issued through NATIC independent agents or affiliated agencies. The following procedures apply as soon as a title agent becomes aware of a potential or actual claim on a NATIC policy.

1. Notify NATIC immediately
Whenever knowledge of a claim or potential claim comes to the attention of a NATIC agent or affiliate, the first step must be to notify NATIC. The insured should immediately email their claim using the Claim Form to NATIC Claims Department at, as well as follow the instructions for submitting a claim as set forth in their policy jacket.

Written claims may be submitted to:
North American Title Insurance Company
1855 Gateway Blvd, Suite 600
Concord, CA 94520
Attention: Claims

Telephone inquiries may be directed to NATIC Claims Department: 925.935.5599

NOTE: Contacting NATIC does not relieve the insured of the written notice requirements as set forth in NATIC policies (see below).

2. The following information will assist agents and insureds in submitting their claims under an existing NATIC policy:

The insured should immediately email the claim to NATIC Claims Department at using the Claim Form, as well as follow the instructions for submitting a claim as set forth in the policy jacket.
  • Any claim should include submission of the following documents:
    • A brief and clear description of the facts giving rise to the claim;
    • Existing NATIC policy of title insurance, together with all related endorsements;
    • Copy of the outstanding mortgage, lien, judgment or matter giving rise to the claim;
    • Chain of title to reflect the item in question and its relation in time to the NATIC policy; and
    • Vesting deed or mortgage for current insured under the NATIC policy.
  • Within 15 days of receipt of the claim submission, you will receive a written confirmation from NATIC’s claims department acknowledging receipt of the claim and providing notification of the NATIC contact assigned to handle your claim.
  • If all the above listed information is provided with your claim submission, the NATIC Claims Department will provide the insured/claimant with regular status updates.